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If you’d just like one page online, which will act as a “business card” so that you can have an online presence and know that you can be found when somebody is looking for your services through a search engine, then this is perfect. It’ll cost you £50 and we’ll even include basic SEO for you.

If you’d like a functioning website for business use then this is for you. We’ll build a minimum of 4 pages for £100 with each additional page at £25. We’ll build Use of Site and Privacy Policy for free. You can add SEO, integrate social media and e-commerce at cost. There are no monthly fees.

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If you’re likely to need continual expansion and service to the site, then we will build the site under the conditions of scheme 2 and will negotiate the best way to provide you with further support. Some clients prefer a fixed monthly amount, whilst others like to pay an hourly rate for aftercare services.

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SEO Social Media E-Commerce


£20 for full optimisation and registration world wide.

Social Media  

£20 to integrate sites like Facebook and Twitter.


£20 to integrate payment systems, like PayPal.

Do It All For Me .com Biz Card Biz Site Biz Partner

Affordable custom web design for individuals and small businesses

1. Biz Card (£50)

2. Biz Site (£100)

3. Biz Partner (£100+)

Affordable, fast and exactly what I wanted.

Within a week of having the website I was working as a cover teacher!

- Helen,

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